What are the most exiting chef jobs in the world?

This profession is so varied and dynamic that it can be hard to choose what you want to do for the rest of your life. But there are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing your career path, like where you would like to work, as well as what type of cooking … Read more

Top 3 staff management tips for restaurant owners

In this article, we will discuss the top 3 staff management tips for restaurant owners. These include: -Educating your team members on the business model of the company and its goals. -Focusing on performance and development plans rather than imposing quotas. -Creating a culture that is positive and supportive for all staff members. Due to … Read more

Every restaurant needs to have fridge temperature charts

What is a fridge temperature chart? A fridge temperature chart is used to keep track of the fridge temperature in your refrigerator. They are different from freezer temperature charts. You need to make sure that your fridge is operating within the correct range and you can use a fridge temperature chart to help you with … Read more

What does it take be successful in the restaurant trade?

Restaurants want to know that they have someone who is going to be reliable, trustworthy, and committed to the work. This person will need to be a leader who has the ability to make sure that every detail of service is attended to at all times. They want someone who is able to live up … Read more

How important is technology for restaurants

Restaurants are now so technologically advanced that they can deliver food to your home, or you may pick it up and have it delivered for you. Of course, there are drawbacks because the restaurant can’t monitor how the food is being prepared or handled. 1. Restaurants are now so technologically advanced that they can deliver … Read more

Five Must-Have Programs Every Restaurant Needs to Run Smoothly

Managing a restaurant is hard. Keeping track of the many moving parts that go into running one can be tough, and without some help things can quickly get out of hand. That’s why it pays to invest in programs that will make your life easier and keep things running smoothly. With these five must-have programs, … Read more