What are the most exiting chef jobs in the world?

Nolan Killey

September 20, 2023

What are the most exiting chef jobs in the world?

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This profession is so varied and dynamic that it can be hard to choose what you want to do for the rest of your life. But there are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing your career path, like where you would like to work, as well as what type of cooking you enjoy doing the most. Read on!

## Chef jobs in the US and abroad

Cooking is a versatile profession that can be found both in home kitchens and on large-scale production lines. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are several types of chef jobs available. You may decide to become either a head chef or sous-chef at a restaurant. Or you may want to specialize in a particular area, like preparing pastries or frozen food. If you never imagined that you could make it as a cook on board an ocean liner, think again – cruise lines employ professional chefs whose job is to create dishes and menus for guests every day. Super yachts also offer yacht chefs jobs that can be very rewarding. And at the other end of the scale are self-employed chef jobs that can be found on the Internet.

To work in this field, you must first learn how to cook properly and recognize all of its many aspects. Then, you may look for a job at a restaurant or enter catering training. If you have good references, you may even apply for chef jobs overseas . You will need excellent language skills – some chefs work in English-speaking countries, others need to learn how to communicate with their team and prepare menus in languages they are not familiar with.

## How to become a chef?

There are several ways of finding information about this profession. You can read the books that professional chefs have written, or watch videos about cooking on the Internet. However, nothing beats practical experience. In most cases, you will need to complete a training program that is the equivalent of three to five years of full-time study. These programs are available in both full- and part-time versions (the latter being much more common). At an accredited school for chefs, you will learn all about standard kitchen techniques as well as about the use of various types of equipment and utensils. After you complete a training program, you will have to pass a state examination.

## Chef jobs – where do they exist?

At every level, from amateur to professional, cooking is an activity that can be enjoyed at home as well as in restaurants or cafes. Becoming a chef, however, requires you to follow not just one but several paths. Some are quite obvious: if you decide to become a professional chef, you will need to choose the right school and complete your training program; if you want to work in this field as a hobby rather than as a profession, you can go ahead and cook for your family and friends at home. The same goes for the different types of chef jobs: you will need to take a course in order to become a pastry chef, while typical kitchen jobs may be learned on the job. These two paths differ mainly in terms of time investment.

## Choosing the right school

When choosing to work as a professional cook or a pastry chef, it is important to choose the right school. This depends on many factors, such as your age and profession, or how quickly/easily you can learn new skills. It also has an impact on the cost of training. If you are a professional or have some experience in the culinary world, you may want to consider taking a short course instead of a full-blown training program. This will generally be much cheaper and more efficient.

## Chef jobs in the US – what skills do you need?

The United States is one of the largest countries in the world, and it boasts some amazing landmarks: from New York with its skyscrapers and busy metropolis to Las Vegas with its neon lights. No matter where you settle in this vast country, there are plenty of chef jobs for you to choose from. The highest-paid cooks work in Hawaii, while the average salary is highest in Washington D.C. and lowest in Vermont.

## Types of chef jobs

In order to find a job as a professional cook, you need to be prepared for a lot of hard work and dedication. The good news is that working in the culinary field offers an abundance of potential chef jobs . If you are interested in working as a restaurant chef (which requires at least six years of experience), your best bet is usually to apply directly through the company website. Your performance during the interview process will greatly affect your chances of being hired. If you would rather work as a freelance chef, take some time to register on several job boards and browse through their listings from time to time.

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